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Company Profile

KAMguru (the key account management division of Business Pulse) helps you to develop profitable partnerships with your most important customers. Our work is built around the “first rule of business” i.e. “look after your most important customers before someone else does!”

We help you stand out from your competitors (rather than stand up to them) by working as an exceptional “business partner” rather than an efficient “supplier”.

Our key account management (KAM) work starts in the boardroom where we:-

Spend time really understanding your business, your objectives for the future and your needs

Understand where key account management “fits” in your thinking

Build measurable performance indicators to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations at every stage of a project

A typical KAM project has three phases:

Phase One - A ten-point health-check workshop to examine the clarity and understanding of KAM within your business and discuss the three P's i.e. its purpose, principles and processes

  1. Examining the message you send to prospects and potential key accounts
  2. Working as a partner not a supplier – building the partnership indicators
  3. The four stages of the value ladder
  4. Auditing the feelings and perceptions of your key accounts
  5. Exceeding the key account’s expectations at every stage
  6. Becoming an expert in their world
  7. The role of an account manager today
  8. Promoting key account management as a team sport within your business
  9. Situational account management – round pegs for round holes
  10. Mobilising and deploying the big guns i.e. the senior team

Phase Two – Building the plan – a simple and effective tool that links together the Intelligence, Intentions and Implementation plan for each key account. These plans can then be shared with team members directly involved in supporting key accounts, or with other support staff indirectly involved.

Phase Three – Developing your PEOPLE – improving their relationship building skills to ensure that they are working in a spirit of partnership with a consultative style

Selling Style

Our researched and tailored training programmes are designed to develop the following skills:

  1. Business planning
  2. Winning new potential key accounts
  3. Developing existing key accounts
  4. Proposals
  5. Presentation skills
  6. Negotiating skills
  7. Leadership
  8. Time management
  9. Working with different buyer personalities
  10. NLP

KAMguru and Business Pulse have a long, successful pedigree and track record of delighting customers by exceeding their expectations and providing an excellent return on investment.

For more than twenty years, over 95% of the company’s business has come from referrals and recommendations from happy customers.

How do we differ?

  1. The journey from strategy to reality is rarely straightforward. We are a highly effective implementation consultancy and are committed to transferring our tactics, tools and techniques from your boardroom, through the training room to your real world in the field.

    “Ten new ideas are good but one put into practice is even better!”

    We believe that the most important part of a two-day programme is "day three" and our emphasis is on your output, not just our input.

    We offer one-to-one coaching clinics where your people would discuss progress with us and build actions for the future that would take them closer to achieving their key account objectives.

  2. We work as partners, not suppliers. There are times when we are nurturing and supportive and there are times when we rigorously pursue agreed objectives.

    We like to work closely and confidentially as a dotted-line member of your management team.

  3. We work as partners, not suppliers. There are times when we are nurturing and supportive and there are times when we rigorously pursue agreed objectives.

    “People hate to be taught but they love to learn.” Therefore the active involvement of your people and ownership of any action plan is key to our process.

“If people help plan the battle they don’t battle the plan!”

So what do our customers think about us?

“As a business in its critical period of growth, we needed to stop and take account of where we are now, where we want to be in the future and how we are going to get there ………….. basic stuff but so often complicated by, and shrouded by, our own busyness!

Phil Jesson and his team enabled us to cut through the politics, egos and often unnecessary processes to get to the real essence of what our business is really about.

He facilitated a programme that enabled all of our key players to work together in an open, honest way to reach positive and workable solutions across the business.

Everyone had a voice and everyone had an opportunity to “own” the very decisions that would affect them and their colleagues.

At last we have found a management consultant that makes sense in the real world and who delivers tangible, positive and sustainable results!

It will be a continuous journey for us of course but Phil will certainly be part of it as we continue to realise our goals and potential"

Tracey Bovingdon
Managing Director
Strictly EducaKon Ltd

Key account management speaker,KAM speaker