Here you will find a number of recent testimonials from some of our clients.

Steve Richardson

Sales and Service Director

ATS Euromaster/ Michelin

“As part of plans to differentiate ourselves in our market place we asked KAMguru to help us develop leaders, not bosses, and to position ourselves as business partners, not suppliers. In both cases we were successful and picked up 20% of the market over a three year period. KAMguru was directly involved and should be recognised as the catalyst, facilitator and motivator that took us there”

Gabi O'Rourke

Training Director

Grant Thornton

“KAMguru helped us develop the skills needed to make a greater impact to sell and work at board level with our presentations and proposals. They managed to convert some very senior people to their way of thinking – a challenge in itself – and helped us produce some fantastic, sustainable, results”

Keith Purdom

Sales and Marketing Director


“We are a multi-national business serving airlines in 12 countries and 92 locations. KAMguru helped us to focus on the key elements in these complex and multi-site relationships – their simple but impactful tactics, tools and techniques have given Servisair a distinct competitive edge in a dynamic market place”

Ken Butt

Chairman Europe

Tibbett and Britten Group

“We flew 20 of our most senior executives into Heathrow to work with KAMguru for one day on the strategic account management implications for a global account. It was a great success – we produced country and global plans and created a team of like-minded people with the competence and commitment needed to produce the desired results”

Tom Machin

Director General

British Printing Industries Federation

“We used KAMguru to help us develop a team-based performance culture within the business. The project helped to cement relationships, aid customer retention, motivate our managers and identify commercial opportunities within our key accounts – a great success!”

Bankie Williams

Operations Director


“KAMguru worked quickly to understand the intricacies of our market place and develop the tools needed to improve our joint venture partnerships – we saw immediate results and KAMguru is to be congratulated on their hard work, inspiration and enthusiasm – we could not have done it without them”

Nick Hurrell

Business Development Director

Hogg Robinson

“KAMguru’s ideas on ‘account management as a team sport’ helped us through the minefield of 48 decision makers and influencers – in one account! The model was then used for another 19 accounts where cross-selling opportunities were identified and exploited with great success”



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