The KAMguru team is highly qualified and experienced in many different sectors.

We select the “round peg” consultant for each project but ensure that the team approach operates throughout the planning, delivery and follow-up phases of each and every assignment.


David Ventura


No relation to Ace!, Family is everything, Creative, Systems Driven, Natural Rapport, The glass is overflowing, Ketchup or Gravy, Networker, Ambivert, Performer, Influence with integrity, Open and trusting, Techy Geek, Mojitos on the beach, Joker, Sensitive and Caring, Chameleon, Keep music live, No such thing as failure, Happiness = Love, Laughter and Learning

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Phil Jesson


Always early, Aston Villa, Drummer, One-page planner, Fig rolls and macaroons, Provocative and creative, Caribbean seas, Listener, Weekend chef, Ex-Army, Southern Comfort, Big picture, Always thinks he is right, Writer, Principled, Optimistic, Likes processes, Free and Bad Company, Posh salads, Caring fixer

Richard Ellison-Smith

Richard Ellison-Smith


Individual, Proud of family, Likes authenticity, Oldham Athletic, Old airliners, Military history, Psychometrician, Claret and Rioja, Introvert, Interesting dress sense, Loves to prick pomposity, Trance to punk, Loveable 90% of time, Champagne, Fresh fish, Eccentric English pubs, Humorous, Getting on a plane, Determined, Floating Islands


Ken Minor


Usually called “Morris”, Challenging, Italian food…Chinese food…perhaps just food!, Laphroig, Classic Cars, New Zealand, Thoughtful, Blues (Birmingham City), Always knows he’s right…most of the time!, Modern history, Barolo…or Merlot, Rambler…but only in the hills, Family & close friends, Real ale, Hates “selling”… I help people buy

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