[PODCAST] EP 004 - David Ventura & Ed Lawrence

Using Video to Maximise Sales

In this episode…

In a world where the vast majority of internet traffic is video content, how can we leverage the creation, production and value of video to maximise sales return?

In this episode I’ll talk to video marketer Ed Lawrence, the co-founder of Business Film Booth, a video production and editing business based in Hertfordshire, UK.

Having shot and produced more than 10,000 videos for businesses, he is a great resource to talk to about some global issues facing key account management professionals and the leaders that manage them.

We talk about:

  • The returns that salespeople can get from creating video content
  • How business leaders can maintain brand image and professionalism through quality control
  • The power and value of the video testimonial

So, to get Ed’s top tips on video marketing strategy; the process; and the recommended kit to make great quality video content that yields massive returns from your most important customers – make sure you listen to this episode.


Highlights from this episode:

Here are a handful of important points that stood out in my chat with Ed:

  • Video shouldn’t just be seen as a marketing tool but rather as a hugely valuable approach for sales and account teams who are looking to build relationships and win more business in this remote world.
  • If you are new to making video content, it is so important that you put the hard graft into getting the systems and processes set up from the outset. This saves you time in the long run so that you can create more content and add more value to your customer network.
  • I love Ed’s suggestion of personalised, 1 view videos, designed to speak DIRECTLY to a single client. Really showing them how much you care about their custom. So great for KAM professionals to do.
  • With many of us having a huge fear or dislike of how we look on camera, breaking through that feeling and embracing creating video will give way to the opportunity to really maximise your success with your key accounts.

Fantastic conversation on this episode – a big thank you to Ed!


Killer Question Segment

In each episode we will be asking you, our listener, a killer question that is designed to get you reflecting on your business, your KAM Culture and where changes in thinking and behaviour could lead to increased customer success.

In this episode we asked Ed to give us his killer question which was:

 “What are you doing to bring your communication with video up to the same standard as everything else in your branding and the way you communicate?”

Nice one! I’m sure there are many key account management professionals who will be wrapping their heads around that one. My gut instinct is that if we don’t up our video game – we will lose some valuable footing in retaining and building relationships with our key accounts in the near future. Let’s do this!


Quick ref to resources or links we mentioned:

In this episode Ed wanted to share some resources and links with you to help you on your video marketing journey. Here are his suggestions on your technical set-up for your video creation:


Ed uses a Sony a6500 for his video calls. The new versions are the a6400 and the a6600. (At time of writing – Amazon UK are doing a great deal on the Sony Alpha 6400 with a lens – find that here)

The benefit of the A6400 is the screen spins around so you can see yourself but when you set it up to the computer, you’ll be able to see yourself on screen anyway so this is good if you ever wanted to make videos with it without being near a computer.


Ed suggests the Sony SELP1650 E Mount – APS-C 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens. He just bought another one second hand for £70, they should be about £150 for a new one.


Ed uses the Manfrotto Compact  Advanced tripod, to sit the camera behind his computer.


This is what you will need to turn the HDMI signal to USB, and use your camera to broadcast to your computer (and then through to social media – if you go live). Ed recommends the Elgato CAMLINK


Good lighting is important for your videos. Look at the Elgato Key Lights – they aren’t cheap, but they are great quality and you can control the lights from white to warm light, as well as dim them according to what you need. You can get ones that clamp to your desk, or free stand on your desk. (Key Light Air – smaller ones, or the Key Light – bigger one. Depends on what you need for your set-up).


Depending on what you are needing, make sure that your mic is in good working order. Some computer mics are great quality – but its always good to invest in a good mic. You can look at something small and handy like the RODE USB Mini. If you are out and about filming, then you’ll need to look at a good shotgun mic that you can fit on the top of your camera. RODE does do one of these too > the RODE VideoMic Go Kit.


Find out more about my guest: Ed Lawrence

Ed Lawrence, Video marketing

Ed Lawrence is a video marketer who has professionally produced more than 10,000 videos for UK based businesses. He co-founded Business Film Booth with his business partner Dave Foulkes in 2015.

He set a goal in Jan 2019 to release 3 videos a week to the Business Film Booth YouTube channel to teach people how to write, produce, present, promote and edit videos so he can help more people take advantage of video. Today…he is still doing it! Make sure you check it out.

Ed is a video marketing blogger for Social Media Examiner, the world’s largest social media marketing resource blog; and also presents and produces videos and courses for The Influencer Marketing hub, a leading social marketing resource for brands.

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