If you’re looking to dive straight into Key Account Management (KAM) principles asap then Top 10 Tips for Your Top 10 customers is a must read!

Based around the rule of looking after your most important customers before someone else does the text explains how you can:

  • work as an exceptional partner, rather than an ordinary supplier

  • defend, retain, and develop your most important strategic relationships

  • stand out from your competitors rather than stand up to them!

Download Top Tip Chapter Two

Get a taste of what the book has to offer and learn how to work as a partner not just a supplier

To illustrate key points and put into context each chapter (or ‘Tip’) focuses on a different area of Key Account Management and includes:

  • Diagrams

  • Analogies

  • Real-life business examples

Order your copy today and use the Top 10 tips to ensure customer growth.

The practical ideas and suggestions are built in to support learning and be used by sales leaders and their teams to implement successful KAM strategies to help build customer growth.

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“This book covers the strategies, systems and skills needed to position key account management as a profitable differentiator within the business. During my career, I have deployed KAMGURU on many occasions and their handbook is a great addition to the training course and conference content that has educated and motivated my people over the years. I think the book is a must-have for all senior sales leaders and their teams today!

Dave Sharratt

Vice President Global Sales –  Honeywell Productivity Products


“I really enjoyed the relaxed but structured nature of the book. There were plenty of lessons for me, along with suggestions on how to improve. I loved the numerous stories, examples and analogies and chapter six on “becoming an expert in their world” includes the best pages of an educational book I have ever read. A really great read with dozens of simple and practical ideas that I am now implementing with my key accounts.”

Chris Sissling

Senior Key Account Manger – adidas